Goorin Bros.

My husband has been in the market for a good hat recently, so we decided to check out the ultimate store for one in San Francisco: Goorin Bros. 

Third Rail

I've been working for a few years on a personal project called Dogpatchwork, featuring businesses in my neighborhood. Not only does it feed my love for shooting new environments, it's also helped me to get to better know people and places right around me. 

All photographs by Kara Brodgesell

Dogpatch Barber & Shave

I never considered cutting my (oh-so-boring) long hair super short until I watched the intense skill and creativity of the men at Dogpatch Barber and Shave. Chris, Cornelius, Jan and their clients kindly let me hang around the shoppe for my Dogpatchwork project and helped me remember exactly why I started this project- to meet and learn about the people doing passionate work in my neighborhood. I probably wouldn't have had the occasion to stop into a men's barbershop otherwise, but now I want to hang out there all the time.


Dylan was kind enough to lend me his time and thoughtfully decorated room for a personal project I'm working on. Among the many things I've loved about these shoots, it's always fun to see the things that people prioritize having in their bedrooms.

Photograph © Kara Brodgesell

Photograph © Kara Brodgesell