Michelle for Tennessee Gray

My cousin-in-law stayed with us over Thanksgiving, and so, unbeknownst to her, signed up to be photographed for a Tennessee Gray portrait session. An amazing makeup artist, Michelle is much more inclined to be just off-camera on a shoot, so I'm grateful that she agreed to agreed to sit for me and in the end, made it very hard to choose just one final shot for the project. 

Dogpatch Barber & Shave

I never considered cutting my (oh-so-boring) long hair super short until I watched the intense skill and creativity of the men at Dogpatch Barber and Shave. Chris, Cornelius, Jan and their clients kindly let me hang around the shoppe for my Dogpatchwork project and helped me remember exactly why I started this project- to meet and learn about the people doing passionate work in my neighborhood. I probably wouldn't have had the occasion to stop into a men's barbershop otherwise, but now I want to hang out there all the time.


Allison is one of the most naturally beautiful people I know. Which doesn't really matter at all when you know that she's also a mother, art historian, curator, small business owner and recent homeowner. But it does make photographing her really fun.

Photograph by Kara Brodgesell

Photograph by Kara Brodgesell