I've been lucky enough to know Toby since we students at Wesleyan and over the last 8 YEARS we've co-photo-edited the college newspaper, survived late nights in the darkroom, seen each others 1st (2nd...3rd...) New York City apartments, worked for fashion photographers, been on a never-ending quest for a reasonably priced post-work cocktail in Soho, spent the bulk of our 20's in New York and are now BOTH in San Francisco!

Toby's recent move to SF is not only an enormous friend triumph, it's also a huge boost for my personal photography, because Toby has always been a willing and excellent subject. I recently went through my archives to find just a few of the shots of  taken of her over the years, and am so excited to have the chance to take more now that we're back in the same city. 

Photographs © Kara Brodgesell